A key advantage this project is its close proximity to existing infrastructure. Figure 11, a regional map of the Norseman area, highlights some of the prominent infrastructure available to the project.

Already in existence:

  • Port Facilities which allow importation of large volumes of elemental sulphur and other key reagents. The Port of Esperance is located approximately 180km from the Mt Thirsty Cobalt Project and is almost completely connected via rail. The port has already established sulphur storage and handling facilities which could be utilised for the Mt Thirsty Cobalt Project. The Port already exports high value mineral concentrates so logistics and permitting are already in place.
  • Rail is available connecting Norseman with both Kalgoorlie and Esperance. This will allow freight deliveries at a considerably lower cost than road transport.
  • Fresh Water is available from the Kalgoorlie to Norseman pipeline which passes within 4 kilometers of the proposed plant site. Initial enquiries indicate that there is adequate capacity to provide fresh water requirements to the project.
  • Gas is available from the nearby Goldfields‐Esperance gas pipeline which passes within 4 km east of the proposed plant site.
  • Highway The Goldfields-Esperance Highway runs approximately 4km east of the site.
  • Town of Norseman is a mining town with a current population of approximately 900 residents. The town has previously maintained a population of over 3000 residents for a significant period of time. There is adequate capacity within the town of Norseman to establish new housing and a residential camp. Due to the previous mining legacy the local community and shire is supportive of mining developments.
  • An Air Strip is available at Norseman.
Figure 11: Mt Thirsty Cobalt Project proximal to existing infrastructure
Figure 11: Mt Thirsty Cobalt Project proximal to existing infrastructure