Tailings Disposal

Regardless of the final flowsheet design a tailings impoundment facility will be required to contain plant tailings produced throughout the operation. The geologically stable environment will facilitate a simple lined tailings dam and will be located close to the mine site. The Western Australian Department of Mines (DMP) have clear guidelines on tailings dam construction and this should present no problem to the project.


Dust control and storm water containment are the main environmental issues for operations. Water trucks will be required to water down all haul roads and other mine roads. This is common practice for many Goldfields mining operations. Tailings decant water could be potentially utilised for this application to reduce water consumption and remove evaporation load on the tailings dam.

Storm water run‐off will be diverted around mining operations and diverted to storm water ponds. This will form a potential supply of potable water for the project to reduce scheme water consumption.


Flora and fauna surveys have been completed over the Mt Thirsty area. No endangered or endemic species have been identified.